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Machine Safety Services

Machine Safety Specialists are experts in OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, RIA, and ISO/EN safety standards. We can solve your machine safety compliance issues, provide unbiased Machine Risk Assessments and Safety Audits, and help you develop corporate Machine Safety and Risk Assessment programs.

All of our services are available in two modes of collaboration:

  • On-site services
  • Remote services (using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, telephone, e-mail, etc.)

     Our safety services include:

     Our training includes:

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We work with Safety Managers, Controls Engineers, and Plant Managers to ensure that:

  • Employees are safe
  • Machines are compliant
  • Safety systems function as expected
  • Production keeps running

If you have a preferred supplier, integrator, or fabricator, let us know and we will work with them to produce the results you need.

mss-safety training

We Can Help Your Company

  • Complete unbiased risk assessments and safeguarding audits
  • Assist with OSHA machine issues
  • Help establish a risk reduction plan and priority
  • Reduce risk and advise on liability
  • Assist you in complying with OSHA’s “minor servicing exception” to LOTO
  • Check your machine safety designs and drawings for control reliability
  • Perform SISTEMA calculations to ensure regulatory compliance

One call to Machine Safety Specialists can solve your OSHA Machine Guarding, Risk Assessment, and Safety Training needs. 


Your manufacturing plant is where the greatest amount of production occurs, but it’s also where the majority of work-related injuries take place. From the production machinery to the maintenance shop, Machine Safety Specialists has the field experience and expertise to keep your facility safe and in compliance with OSHA, U.S. Safety Standards, and ISO standards (if applicable).

We provide Safety Audits and Risk Assessments for the following:

  • Industrial Machinery
  • Industrial Robots and Collaborative Robot Applications
  • Manufacturing Systems and Plants

All of our services are available in two modes of collaboration:

  • On-site services
  • Remote services (using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, telephone, e-mail, etc.)

For more info on our Safeguarding Audit and Risk Assessment services, click here. 

Training Programs

Our customers tell us our Machine Safety and Risk Assessment training is the most useful and detailed in the industry! Our 1- or 2-day training covers the latest machine safety standards, control reliability and functional safety, and risk assessments. 

All of our Machine Safety and Risk Assessment Training is available in the following formats:

For a complete list of training topics for our 1-day and 2-day training courses, click here.

We train your team on machine guarding, risk assessment, control reliability, safety control systems, and OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, and ISO/EN machine safety standards. Our classes Include detailed, up-to-date information!

Risk assessment workshop

Our 2-day training course includes:

  • Machine Safety and Risk Assessment Training
  • A “hands-on” Risk Assessment Workshop using a machine from your plant!
  • One (1) safety scale (“gotcha-stick”) for each participating student! (A $25.99 value each.)

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Risk Assessment Software App

Having performed Machine Safety Inspections, Accident Investigations, and Risk Assessments for years, we’ve learned a few things.  Now with modern tools such as iPads, tablets, and smartphones, we’ve taken the tedious steps out of the process and created easy to use software Apps.

For more information on our Risk Assessment Software and Machine SafetyPro App, click here.

Consulting and Expert Witness

Does your organization need an expert to investigate machinery safety?  Our detailed safety reports provide you with the facts you need.

We offer our knowledge, skill, experience, and education to our clients who need safety consulting and expert witness services. Our team is certified in machine safety standards, well-trained in regulatory enforcement and experienced in legal processes.

Machine Safety Specialists provides training for OSHA and the Ohio BWC. We also have representation on ANSI B11 subcommittees.  We understand the details and technical language, so you don’t have to. Machine Safety Specialists applies our knowledge, skill, experience, and education to your situation.

Our safety consulting services include:

For more info on expert witness services, click here.

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