Machine Safeguarding Plans

Machine Safeguarding Plans

Safety PlansMachine Safety Specialists provides clear guidance for your machine safeguarding challenges.  Our certified safety engineers are experts in preparing individualized machine safeguarding plans and specifications for your machine or manufacturing process.  Our customers find our plans to be extremely helpful in communicating technical details to subcontractors, such as fabricators, integrators, and construction companies who design and install the machine safeguarding systems.

Our safeguarding plans display the required safety devices, locations, and safety layout of the machine(s).  It may also include specific engineering details, such as required logic, sequence of operations, specifications, and installation details.

In addition to safety devices, the safeguarding plan may also include mechanical safeguarding requirements such as barrier guards, interlocked guards, perimeter fences, interlocked gates, etc.  Typical electrical diagrams showing required safety circuits, including control reliable (ISO 13849 Cat. 2 or 3, PL d or PL e) functional safety circuits are also included.

With a machine safeguarding plan and specifications by Machine Safety Specialists, your integrator or design/install fabricator will know what to do.

Click here to see an example of a machine safeguarding plan.

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