Machine SafetyPro App

The Machine SafetyPro App includes three (3) levels of Risk Assessment.  Depending on the complexity of the machinery and the level of detail you would like to include, you choose the level of risk assessment that fits your needs.  All three levels are included within the App.

  • Level 1: Machine Hazard Assessment – 3+ pages per machine
  • Level 2: Machine Safety Assessment with Checklist – 4+ pages per machine
  • Level 3: Comprehensive ANSI/RIA Compliant Risk Assessment – unlimited pages


  • All the above assessments can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet that allows sorting and filtering by any parameter. Thus, it is easy to sort by risk level and determine the highest risk machines in your plant.  This allows you to determine the priority for machine upgrades and replacements.

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Please note: Machine SafetyProTM is intended for trained safety professionals. Sign up for a Machine SafetyProTM training session or contact us to learn more!

Risk Assessment Software Apps

  • Provides comprehensive machine safety inspection tool compliance with OSHA and US safety standards, such as ANSI B11.0, ANSI B11.19, and RIA TR15.306.
  • Improves work efficiency and repeatability of results due to standard selection lists for hazards, safety devices, risk reduction methods, risk scoring, etc.
  • Moves the assessment from the conference room to the field or factory floor, allowing firsthand observations, embedded photos/videos, and operator input while observing the machine.
  • Speeds the process by using modern tools such as voice dictation, suggested text, spelling correction, Bluetooth accessories, and a myriad of tools and features available to Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Utilizes familiar mobile device interfaces, such as smartphones, tablets, and iPads.
  • Generates .pdf, print, or e-mail great looking reports directly from device. Or, submit to others for review, comment, or approval.
  • Completes Risk Assessments in minutes or hours instead of days.




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Examples of these reports are shown below.


Level 1 (L1WR):  Machine Hazard Assessment

L1WR SafetyPro


Level 2 (L2WR):  Machine Safety Assessment with Checklist

L2WR SafetyPro


Level 3 (L3WR):  Comprehensive ANSI/RIA Compliant Risk Assessment