Machine Safety Specialists provide a variety of training courses to empower and protect your team in all machine safety, machine guarding and U.S. Safety Standards compliance matters. Our training courses can be a half-day program or a multi-day seminar, all depending on your company’s specific needs. A course can be as simple as discussing and interpreting OSHA safeguarding and safety interlock circuits.  However, our training can also cover more complex machine safety issues, successfully covering OSHA nuances, Control Reliability, application of ISO safety standards, risk reduction, and risk management / liability considerations.

Additional Workplace Training Courses

Machine Safety Specialists also has extensive experience training companies on:

  • Machine Safety & Guarding
  • How to conduct a Machine Risk Assessment
  • Alternatives to Lock-out / Tag-out
  • U.S. Machine Safety Codes & Standards
  • Risk Assessment Workshops
    • Most Popular:  Ask about our Risk Assessment Workshops!

Control Reliability Training & Education

Our most frequently asked questions are regarding Control Reliability, ISO 13849 circuit categories, and how to design compliant, Control Reliable safety systems.  During our hands-on demonstrations and seminars, we use live, fully-functioning products as to provide you with a complete understanding of how safety devices work – not just ideas to remember in the future.

OSHA Compliance Guidance and Training

All too often, organizations don’t adhere to OSHA’s guidelines until it’s too late – “too late” meaning they’re being sued by an employee because of a workplace-related injury due to negligence or they’re receiving a fine on behalf of OSHA because of improper safety precautions. Some of these regulations and standards may seem trivial and meticulous, but they’re created with a purpose: to keep people safe. Allow the experts at Machine Safety Specialists to properly train your staff on all things machine safety and prevent you from having to pay for negligence in the future.

For more information regarding our training courses and control reliability guidance, contact Machine Safety Specialists today.