Stop-time Measurement

Stop-time Measurement Services

Stop-Time DeviceStop-time Measurement testing (“Safety Validation”) is required for all machines that have safety-related stopping functions.  Additionally, if a machine’s stopping function depends on friction  brakes or other technology that degrades over time, safety standards require that stop time measurements are performed on a regular basis.  Machine Safety Specialists can help you fulfill these regulatory requirements and ensure that workers are kept safe around machinery.

In addition, for a new machine design, or after safety upgrades have been installed on a legacy machine, stop-time measurements are required to validate the minimum safety distance location for safety devices.   It is critical that safeguarding devices eliminate human exposure to hazardous machine motion.  Machine Safety Specialists can help you ensure your safety devices are installed properly and are mounted at the correct location.

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Stop time measurements are required for all machines that use the following safety devices as part of safety stopping functions:

  • Interlocked barrier guard(s)Stop-Time Device 2
  • Two hand controls
  • Hold-to-run buttons
  • Light curtains
  • Area scanners
  • Volume scanning (camera) safety devices
  • Safety mats
  • Safety edge devices
  • Safety servomotor systems*
  • Safety rated motor drives*
  • Safety rated pneumatic valves*
  • Other functional safety devices and systems

‘* Applies to all safety-related functions, typically Control Reliable or ISO 13849 Category 3, PL d.

Note:   RF presence sensing devices are typically not recommended.  Contact MSS for the latest information on RF presence sensing devices.

Machine Safety Specialists can help you fulfill regulatory compliance requirements and ensure that machines stop as expected and keep workers safe.  Contact us for pricing and to schedule stop time measurement services for your machines.

In addition to our services, we can train and equip you to perform your own stop-time measurement program.  Contact Machine Safety Specialists to learn about our training options for stop-time measurement.