Risk Assessment Spreadsheets

ANSI/RIA Compliant Risk Assessment Spreadsheet

This ANSI/RIA Compliant Risk Assessment Spreadsheet is based on the latest industry safety standards.  The key advantages are:

  • Well defined criteria for Severity, Exposure, and Avoidance, in compliance with ANSI/RIA standards
  • Calculates required Category, Performance Level (PL), and determines if Control Reliability is required.
  • Includes comprehensive list of ANSI compliant hazards.

When used properly, this tool provides an ANSI/RIA compliant report that is suitable for use as machine documentation within the U.S. and for import/export of machinery.

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Free Risk Assessment Spreadsheet

Our Free Risk Assessment Spreadsheet provides a basic starting point for risk assessments. This is a limited watermarked version of our Task Based Risk Assessment Spreadsheet. Not suitable for robotics or advanced applications.  For small to large or more complex machines or systems, we recommend our unlimited task based risk assessment spreadsheet tools.  For complex, modern machinery, including robotics, we recommend the ANSI/RIA compliant spreadsheet.

This is a summary of the spreadsheet tools we offer and a brief description of typical applications.

The purpose of the Team Based Risk Assessment (TBRA) is to identify the human risk presented by the machine or processing being analyzed.  In a TBRA, a multi-disciplined team identifies tasks and risks associated with the machine or process.   For complex machinery or systems, a team-based risk assessment is an essential process that is required to develop practical, detailed risk reduction measures.