Safety Pays

OSHA's Safety Pays Estimator

Unbiased information regarding the complete costs of workplace injuries is a goldmine to business owners. However, this information can be difficult to track down. For this reason, OSHA developed a program, called the Safety Pays Estimator, to present the accurate bottom line cost to have an accident or injury. All you have to do is enter all important and pertinent information. It’s completely confidential and, often eye-opening.

Take a look & try it out here:


A Word from OSHA

“‘Safety Pays’ helps estimate cost gains realized through the prevention of occupational injuries and illness claims. Businesses can use this information to predict the direct and indirect costs of injuries and the sales needed to compensate for these losses. Your local OSHA On-site Consultation Office can provide information and assistance on developing and implementing an effective safety and health management system that can help prevent injuries and/or illnesses to provide a safe working environment for your employees.”

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