Instructor-led Training (On-Site)

We offer 1- or 2-day classes covering advanced machine safeguarding, safety standards, and risk assessment topics.

See our On-Site training agenda below for our Instructor-led Training.  Each class syllabus can be customized for your particular application and safety needs.

Instructor-led Training is typically performed at your site.  Click here to learn more about Instructor-led Training, including pricing and schedule availability.

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Machine Safety Training Agenda

Session 1:

  • Why do machine safety?
    • Injury prevention, compliance, the law
  • OSHA Basics of machine guarding (abbreviated)
  • Hierarchy of controls w/ examples
  • Hazard recognition: Basics, Intermediate, Advanced (embedded in training)
  • What’s in the Panel?
    • Control Reliability, Category 3 circuits, and guard interlocks
  • U.S. Machine Safety Standards (abbreviated)
    • OSHA 1910.147 / ANSI Z244.1
    • Robot Safety: OSHA / RIA 15.06 / Collaborative Robots
    • Stop Time Measurement: Classroom demonstration and exercise (2-day class only)

Session 2:

  • U.S. Machine Safety Standards (continued) (abbreviated)
  • NFPA 79
  • Comparison of US and ISO/EU machine safety standards (abbreviated)
    • CE marking
  • ANSI B11.0 – Risk Assessment
    • Quantifying the risk
  • How to perform a Risk Assessment
    • Why do a risk assessment?
    • Risk Assessment System
    • Risk Factors: Severity, Exposure, Probability
    • Risk Assessment spreadsheet tool overview
  • Risk Assessment: Shop example exercise and demonstration (2-day class only)
  • Conclusion and Wrap-up

Note:  Example safety devices from various manufacturers are displayed on a table in the classroom.  As training progresses, these product examples are passed around the class for students to see/handle.

As time permits, our consultants include practical, real examples and illustrations from more than 30 years’ experience inspecting, consulting, and conducting accident investigations in more than 500 plants across the US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Machine Safety Specialists are machine safety trainers for OSHA, Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC), and the American Society of Safety Engineers.


  • A hardcopy training manual is provided for each student. This training manual includes the training presentation.
  • One (1) MSS Universal Safety Scale (“Gotcha-Stick”) is provided to each student upon submittal of completed course evaluation form during the class.

Client to Provide

  • Classroom facility with projector or large monitor.
  • Lunch and drinks for students and instructor(s)