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Machine Hazards

Machine Hazards

The following is a list of hazards commonly presented by industrial machinery.  This list is often referred to when performing machine risk assessments in accordance with ANSI B11.0 or ISO 12100.  Machine Safety Specialists provides both introductory and in-depth Machine Risk Assessment training.  Contact Machine Safety Specialists for more information on our Machine Safety and Risk Assessment training programs.


Mechanical Hazards:

  • broken or falling machine components
  • burns (due to hot surfaces over 140 °F / 60 °C)
  • component fatigue / wear
  • crushing / impact
  • cutting / severing
  • drawing-in or trapping
  • entanglement
  • friction / abrasion
  • head bump
  • in-running nip points
  • injection
  • intermittent / on demand cycle
  • machine instability
  • magnetic attraction / movement
  • parts
  • pinch points
  • shearing
  • stabbing / puncture
  • suffocation


Other machine related hazards:

  • Control Systems: Failure to stop moving parts
  • Control Systems: Unintended / unexpected start-up
  • Control Systems:  Software errors
  • Egress:  Slipping, tripping and falling
  • Egress: Floor openings
  • Electrical:  Direct contact with normally energized
  • Electrical:  Improper wiring / grounding
  • Fire
  • Reasonably foreseeable misuse of the machinery
  • Other reasonably foreseeable hazards…