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Industrial Robot Safety

Industrial Robot Safety

Our certified safety engineers are experts in Industrial Robot Safety and ANSI/RIA compliant Risk Assessments. In accordance with ANSI/RIA R15.06 and ISO 10218-2, the industrial robot safety system must prevent human contact with hazardous motion.  This requires a variety of risk reduction measures including elimination of hazards, engineering controls and administrative measures.

Our engineers can work independently, or with you and your team to ensure your industrial robot systems are safe and fully comply with US and/or international standards.  As independent consultants, we apply our specialized knowledge and real-world experience to your application, enabling you to comply with regulatory requirements and keep personnel safe.  For example, in the United States, when entering a robot work cell, employees must be protected by either using Lock-out/Tag-out (“LOTO”) or by using “alternative measures which provide effective protection”.

If you need assistance ensuring your Industrial Robots comply with applicable US and international safety standards, contact Machine Safety Specialists.  Or, if you need to complete Risk Assessment that complies with ANSI B11.0, ANSI/RIA R15.06, or ISO 1211, contact Machine Safety Specialists.   We can complete ANSI/RIA or ISO 12100 compliant Risk Assessments on your behalf, or we can train you and your team to complete the risk assessment yourselves.

Click here to learn more about how Machine Safety Specialists can assist you in making your industrial robot systems safe and complaint with applicable safety standards.