ANSI/RIA Compliant Risk Assessment Spreadsheet – Enhanced Three State


Suitable for machine risk assessments in the U.S. and internationally.  When this enhanced spreadsheet is completed in compliance with ANSI B11.0, it will satisfy the requirements of ISO 12100.  Includes automatic determination of Circuit Category and Performance Level (PLr) in accordance with ISO-13849-1:2015.

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This enhanced version of our ANSI/RIA Compliant Risk Assessment Spreadsheet clarifies risk assessment requirements for the “three states” of machine safeguarding: without safeguarding, existing safeguarding, and future safeguarding. Standard risk assessment tools only track two states, “before/after”, leaving room for ambiguity and confusion in the risk assessment process. This new “three state” tool allows you to comply with ANSI/RIA standards, and easily track all “three states” in one spreadsheet!

As the risk assessment team identifies tasks and hazards, this spreadsheet enables you to document all reasonably foreseeable hazards, score the initial risk (without safeguarding), existing risk (existing safeguarding), and residual risks (after future safeguarding is validated), identifying specific risk reduction measures in each state. Users of this risk assessment spreadsheet typically include EHS professionals, operators, maintenance persons, managers or engineers.

When identifying tasks and specific hazards for risk assessment, this spreadsheet allows the team to assess scenarios in addition to machine operation. This spreadsheet provides automatic look-up tables for Performance Level and Circuit Category in accordance with ISO-13849-1:2015. In addition, this spreadsheet documents if control reliability is required per ANSI B11.0 and ANSI B11.19. The spreadsheet is based on risk assessment criteria defined by ANSI/RIA TR15.306-2016. In addition, this new spreadsheet tool increases data entry efficiency by allowing selection from drop down lists including an ANSI standard drop down list for hazards.


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