Safety Kit


The Safety Kit includes the following items:

  • 1 Digit Test hand set
  • 5 Safety Scales
  • 1 ANSI/RIA Compliant Risk Assessment Spreadsheet

Test hand used for machine risk assessments.  Includes 1 pair of test hands with extendable comfort grip holder.

Make your risk assessment more accurate while safely assessing the Severity of Injury with this Test Hand.  This safety device mimics a human hand for abrasion, pinching, cutting, crushing and amputation hazards.  Using the telescoping holder, simply place the hand in the point of operation and allow the machine to operate on the hand.  Then, visually inspect the hand to determine the Severity of Injury using your risk assessment scale.  Compatible with OSHA, ANSI, and ISO 12100 risk assessment standards.

OSHA/ANSI safety scale used to check machine guarding. Quantity = 5 scales.

MSS’s Universal Safety Scale (Universal “Gotcha Stick”) is used to test the allowable guard opening size to ensure personnel cannot reach the hazard and that openings in barrier guards comply with OSHA and ANSI standards for machine safeguarding.  This tool is based on measurements of the human body, and is intended to be representative of the finger, hand and arm. This two-segment foldable scale includes Inches on one side and Metric units of measure on the other side.

ANSI/RIA Compliant Risk Assessment Spreadsheet

Suitable for machine risk assessment requirements in the U.S. and internationally.  When this spreadsheet is completed in compliance with ANSI B11.0, it will satisfy the requirements of ISO 12100.  Includes automatic determination of Circuit Category and Performance Level (PLr) in accordance with ISO-13849-1:2015.


Test Hand (“Digit”) – Set – Digit is composed of skin-tone polymers with a metal wire skeletal structure within the hand.  Digit allows observation of Injury Severity for the purpose of risk assessment. This safety device mimics a human hand for abrasion, pinching, cutting, crushing and amputation hazards.  Depending on the test, this hand may be re-used on many assessments in a variety of angles and configurations.  Soft structure will not damage most machines.  Comfort grip holder extends up to 49 inches.

Safety Note: Digit should not to be used to test hazards that could pull-in the Test Hand device or the user, such as with high speed in-running nip points or entanglement hazards.  DISCLAIMER:  Although this Test Hand provides a life-like simulation, it is not calibrated to anthropometric data and may not produce results indicative of actual hazards.

This universal scale combines OSHA 1910.212 and ANSI B11.19 standards to provide the most restrictive requirements in a single scale.  By properly reaching this scale through the barrier guard opening, if you cannot touch the hazard with this scale, the machine guarding complies with OSHA and ANSI requirements for safe guard openings.


ANSI/RIA Compliant Risk Assessment Spreadsheet – As the risk assessment team identifies tasks and hazards, this spreadsheet enables the team to document all reasonably foreseeable hazards, score the initial and residual risks, and identify specific risk reduction measures.  Users of this risk assessment spreadsheet typically include EHS professionals, operators, maintenance persons or engineers.

When identifying tasks for risk assessment, this spreadsheet allows the team to assess scenarios in addition to machine operation. This spreadsheet provides automatic look-up tables for Performance Level and Circuit Category in accordance with ISO-13849-1:2015.  In addition, this spreadsheet documents if control reliability is required per ANSI B11.0 and ANSI B11.19. The spreadsheet is based on risk assessment criteria defined by ANSI/RIA TR15.306-2016.  Increases data entry efficiency by allowing selection from drop down lists including an ANSI standard drop down list for hazards.

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