ISO/ANSI Safety Scale (“Gotcha Stick”)

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ISO /ANSI safety scale used to check machine guarding. Quantity = 1 scale.

This ISO/ANSI Safety Scale (“Gotcha Stick”) is used to test guard openings for human finger and hand reach to hazards in accordance with EN ISO 13857 and ANSI B11.19 Table E.3.

The latest version of ANSI B11.19 includes new guard opening dimensions that are harmonized with ISO 13857 and depend on the shape of the opening (slotted, square, or round).   Using this safety scale, you can measure for safe distances through slotted, square, and round guard openings.  The scale determines if the machine guarding or functional safety device installation complies with EN ISO 13857 and the latest version of ANSI B11.19 Table E.3 for finger and hand reach distances.

Includes three (3) scales attached together at a pivot point.  Simply select the scale based on the guard opening shape (slotted, square, or round).   This ISO/ANSI human hand model is considered more accurate than older anthropometric models.

Includes finger and hand measurements, excludes arm measurements.


This safety scale combines the latest version of ANSI B11.19 and EN ISO 13857 for finger and hand measurements through regularly shaped guard openings.  By properly reaching this scale through the barrier guard opening, if you cannot touch the hazard with this scale, the machine guarding complies with the latest version of ANSI B11.19 and EN ISO 13857 requirements for safe guard openings.


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