Free Risk Assessment Spreadsheet

Free Risk Assessment Spreadsheet

Our Free Risk Assessment Spreadsheet provides an easy starting point for risk assessments.  This free version may be sufficient for small machines or systems.  For larger or more complex machines or systems, we recommend our one of our unlimited task based risk assessment spreadsheet tools.  For complex, modern machinery, including robotics, we recommend the ANSI/RIA compliant spreadsheet.

This is a summary of the spreadsheet tools we offer and a brief description of typical applications.

The purpose of the Team Based Risk Assessment (TBRA) is to identify the human risk presented by the machine or processing being analyzed.  In a TBRA, a multi-disciplined team identifies tasks and risks associated with the machine or process.   For complex machinery or systems, a team-based risk assessment is an essential process that is required to develop practical, detailed risk reduction measures.

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Free Risk Assessment Spreadsheet

Risk Assessment Template Free

An Example Spreadsheet & Quick Walkthrough

Here you will find a small image of a spreadsheet form we’ve developed for an actual Risk Assessment. Click on this PDF (Risk Assessment Example.pdf) & you will be able to see the spreadsheet in greater detail.

Download Sample Spreadsheet

Identified Hazard

  • Using an ANSI/ISO table, we define a category for the hazard.

Risk Level Estimate

  • Allows us to set the parameters for Exposure, Frequency and Severity.
  • The software has now automatically determined a level of risk.
  • Note the color and numerical value of the Estimated Risk Level.

Method of Reduction

  • Asks for the means we are going to choose to reduce the hazard.


  • Automatically calculates the remaining hazard.
  • If the remaining hazard level is colored green, we’re in great shape.
  • If it is yellow or red, we need to repeat the risk reduction means and add more controls or other methods to reduce the risk.

Additional Notes

  • There is a formula in the spreadsheet that calculates the Estimated Risk Level based on the Number of Persons Exposed and the Severity of Injury.
  • There are many methods of risk assessment, the critical issues are to be consistent, honest and practical.