ANSI B11.19

Performance Criteria for Safeguarding

ANSI B11.19 is one of the most comprehensive and important U.S. safety standards.

The Basic Scope of ANSI B11.19

This standard has sections addressing:

  • Responsibility for the:
    • User
    • Supplier
    • Employee
  • Hazard Control (describing necessity for Risk Assessment)
  • General Safeguarding Requirements
    • Performance of the Safety-Related Function (provides a new description of Control Reliability)
    • Safety Distance requirements
    • Stop Performance Monitor (this is the first U.S. Standard that addresses stop time monitoring)
  • Guards
    • Fixed
    • Interlocked
    • Removable
  • Safeguarding Devices
    • Movable Barrier Devices (A and B Gates)
    • Pull Backs and Restraints
    • Presence Sensing Devices (RF, Light Curtains, Area Scanners)
    • Two-hand Control and Trip Devices
    • Safety Mats
    • Safety Edges (bump or contact strips)
    • Probe Detection Devices
    • Single Control Devices (single button controls)
  • Awareness Barriers, Signals and Signs
  • Safeguarding Methods
  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Complementary Equipment
  • Training
  • Inspection and Maintenance
    • Extensive Annexes describing
    • Hazards and their definitions
    • Safe distance calculations
    • Control Reliability

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