Free Sample – Machine Safeguarding Specification – U.S. and International (ISO)


This Free Sample includes an abbreviated, watermarked machine safeguarding specification based on applicable U.S. or ISO safety standards.  This specification is typically used by the client’s engineering, purchasing or safety group when upgrading or purchasing new equipment.  The specification is approx. 40+ pages in length and provides technical details and definitions for designing and building machines in compliance with U.S. or ISO machine safety standards.

This document can be customized upon request – Contact Us for details.

Suitable as a Corporate Specifications Document for companies with U.S. and International locations. The purpose of this specification is to improve workplace safety by adequately protecting personnel from hazards associated with powered industrial machinery. The specification serves as a guide for the minimum design requirements for safeguarding industrial machinery. Appropriate safeguards must be designed and constructed for each machine to prevent personnel from having any part of their body in the danger zone of the machine during hazardous phases of the machine cycle, including those in which releases of hazardous energy may occur. Machine related hazards include, but are not limited to, rotating, meshing, sliding, clamping, impact from machine components or materials, electrical shock, or contacting hot surfaces. This also includes the hazardous ejection or release of parts, pieces, or chips from the machine, as well as ionizing and non-ionizing energies, e.g. excessive sound, light, radiated energy, etc.


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