Free test hand contest !

Want a Free Hand?

Machine Safety Specialists is providing a free replacement test hand.  To get your free replacement, complete the following steps:

  1. Purchase a Test Hand Set from Machine Safety Specialists click here or if you already have purchased a Test Hand Set from Machine Safety Specialists continue to step 2.
  2. Submit three (3) unique, quality videos of the hand being smashed, damaged, and destroyed in an industrial machine.  Upload your videos in the form below!
  3. We will send you a free replacement test hand!

If you send in Extreme Destruction test hand videos, you will also be entered in our contest for the Best Hand Smashing Video of 2021!

Example Video:

Free Test Hand

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Terms and Conditions

Contest:  Best Extreme Destruction Test Hand Video of 2021!!!

Winners will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Card!

How to join the contest:

  1. Purchase a test hand product from Machine Safety Specialists click here.
  2. Submit your Extreme Destruction Test Hand Videos.
  3. Test hands must be destroyed in an industrial machine.
  4. We will select the Top Three Test Hand Video submissions of 2021!
  5. MSS will award $250 Amazon Gift Card for the top 3 videos!