ANSI B11 Safety Standards

ANSI B11 Machine Safety Standards

The ANSI B11 series of American National Standards and Technical Reports consists of nearly three dozen different documents that deal with machine / machinery / machine tool safety, and they specify requirements for both the manufacturers (suppliers) and users of the machines.


General Requirements-Risk Assessment
Mechanical Power Presses
B11.2- Hydraulic Presses
B11.3- Press Brakes (powered)
B11.4- Shears
B11.5- Ironworkers
B11.6- Manual Turning Machines (lathes) with and without Automatic Control
B11.7- Cold Headers and Cold Formers
B11.8- Drilling, Milling and Boring Machines
B11.9- Grinding Machines
B11.10- Metal Sawing Machines
B11.11- Gear and Spline Cutting Machines
B11.12- Roll Forming and Roll Bending Machines
B11.13- Single- and Multiple-Spindle Automatic Screw/Bar and Chucking Machines
B11.14- Coil Slitting Machines
B11.15- Pipe, Tube and Shape Bending Machines
B11.16- Metal Powder Compactors and Presses
B11.17- Horizontal Hydraulic Extrusion Presses
B11.18- Coiled Steel Processing for Strip, Coiled and Sheet Steel
B11.19- Performance Criteria for B11 Machines (see the ANSI B11.19 tab for a quick overview)
B11.20- Manufacturing Systems Cell Safety
B11.21- Machine Tools using Lasers
B11.22- Turning Centers and Automatic NC Controlled Turning Machines
B11.23- Machining Centers and Automatic NC Controlled Milling, Drilling and Boring Machines
B11.24- Transfer Machines

And Some Important Technical Reports:

B11.TR1- Ergonomic Guidelines
B11.TR2- Mist Control
B11.TR3- Discontinued, see ANSI B11.0
B11.TR4- Programmable Electronic Systems (also see NFPA-79 for additional information)