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Worried about Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) violations? You’re not alone. OSHA violations are undoubtedly a big issue for many companies. However, if your concern is employee safety and lawsuits, ANSI and NFPA standards are actually more important. We’re experts in all OSHA machine guarding regulations and U.S. ANSI and NFPA standards. We’ve trained and advised companies on both the U.S. and European safety standards and regulations. OSHA has been updating and improving their emphasis and is now citing companies for ANSI B11 violations. This program began in 2013 and has been receiving increased focus. Pay close attention to ANSI standards!

OSHA issues cause many companies grief, headaches and fear. We can help you prevent many of those issues. Check out the information provided here to get the latest info about changing OSHA regulations and help we can provide.

Safety Pays

Prepared to see what a workplace accident could cost you? Take a look at OSHA’s Safety Pays Estimator & learn more here.

OSHA Machine Guarding - Safety Pays

OSHA's New Personal Protective Equipment Requirements & Summary

In 2008, OSHA added language to its Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) policy, stating that it is the employers duty to properly train all employees on each piece of protective equipment. Read the entire clarification document here. Take a look at Machine Safety Specialists overview & insight on the change here.


Did your company make the OSHA Site Specific Targeting Initiative (SST) list for frequent violations? If so, you didn’t win a prize!

  • Is your company in one of the SIC codes targeted by OSHA for a wall-to-wall inspection?
  • Did your DART rate cause your company to get a letter from OSHA?
  • Are you aware that OSHA has increased anticipated inspections for 2016?

What will OSHA be looking for?

OSHA NEP Program

The OSHA National Emphasis Program was designed to properly identify, reduce or eliminate the incidences of adverse health effects, as they related to occupations exposure to harmful isocyanates. Read the entire document here.

Preventing Amputations

This free OSHA 60 page booklet gives a good presentation for preventing amputations:

OSHA Guide to Preventing Amputations.pdf

For more information & clarification regarding OSHA’s regulations, contact Machine Safety Specialists today.