Engine & Turbine Safety

Safety Control Systems used in the oil and gas industry have one of the highest safety requirements of modern industry.  Functional Safety and the applicable standards, IEC 61508, IEC 61511, and S84 mandate two (2) fundamental concepts:

  • Safety Lifecycle (engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance)
  • Safety Integrity Levels (SILs).

Compliance with IEC-61508 necessitates compliance in all aspects of the development, manufacturing, and maintenance of the system.  To meet IEC 61508, the design processes (design lifecycle) used to create the product(s) must also comply with the directive. Compliance with IEC-61511 necessitates that all elements of the system, including the sensor(s), actuator(s), logic solver(s), and the interconnecting wiring system(s) are included in the safety analysis.  The safety integrity level is determined primarily from the assessment of three aspects:

  1. Improved reliability
  2. Failure to a safe state
  3. Management, systematic techniques, verification and validation.